A collection of alternative handsets that question our modern relationship with smart phones.
Smartphones were promised to be a great new step in the ease and convenience of communicating and connecting with other people.  While they have serving to accomplish this, they have also proven themselves as great tools of isolation and alienation  through social media, fear of missing out, and pernicious social comparison. Though much of this is a result of the applications that individuals use on their phones, the physical device is the gateway to this. The following devices explore the idea of intention, tangibility, companionship, and mindful reflection as a  response to the our collective relationship with smartphones.
This sculptural object for mindful telephone communication subverts the form of modern tech cylinders. This is a phone distilled down, and centered around, the ritual of communication. Interaction with this product forces user to be mindful of the task of talking and listening by drawing attention to these actions. 
Underneath a skin sits a bubble that the user pushes around to navigate the handset's user interface. This serves to subvert the typical capacitative touch screens that leave little in the way of physical interaction. The puck form offers a divergence from the typical rectangular form and the anti serves to draw intention to making a call.
This device is an essentialist distillation of the modern smart phone. By relaying on voice control the need for a screen is lost and the form can be reduced. The AI can be toggled to listen for it's wake word and be summoned with out the need for pressing a button to limit surveillance.
Mindful Reflection
This universal wireless charger serves as a convenient spot to place your device when not in use. The low real-world efficiency of inductive charging gives the user time to reflect on their relationship with their hand set while the device charges.
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