Cinema is an illusion of the eye. Pictures flashing by our corneas at 23.976 frames per second tricking our brains into seeing continuous motion. That being said, movies are more than a slideshow of images. They are the sum of all of the frames played back in continuous motion, telling a story.
I wear many hats, I am the writer, director, cinematographer and sound designer of my own movie. Most people only see one side of me at a time — a musician, an artist, an athlete, a science geek— but that would be like judging a movie by a single frame.  I am constantly extending and redefining knowledge on my own and through school.
These are some of the missing frames:
I seek knowledge beyond which is offered through the University of Cincinnati. While my collegiate studies provide an important base, my unrelenting appetite to just “know” has resulted in me deeply and freely exploring many areas from computers and photography to music and fine art. In my free time, I accumulate passions.  When I see something I find of interest, I pursue it relentlessly until I can do it.  From restringing an old guitar and teaching myself how to play when I was 10 years old, to building my own computer, I am a creative problem solver and I am intrigued by the intersection of art, math and science.
I intend to simply expand my interests and build bridges between them. I plan to take advantage of all that the University of Cincinnati offers by learning and sharing with students, professors and other individuals.
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